333 Weight Loss Tips That You’ll Wish You Read Sooner

The internet is loaded with opinions on the best diets, lifestyle changes, and fitness regimens that are supposed to ~guarantee~ you weight loss results, and sometimes it can be hard to sort through the info.

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But here at BuzzFeed Health, we get our tips from experts like registered dietitians, personal trainers, and people who have successfully made healthy lifestyle changes that led to achieving their weight loss or body confidence goals.

We’ve shared lots of great advice over the years, so we decided to gather a bunch of our best weight loss roundups here in one place for you, so you can either read them now or bookmark them for later.

All right, get into it!

1. For when you’re looking for a few small changes to get you started on your journey.

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Like this awesome advice:

Make your couch a no-eating zone.

"I found that when I sat in my overused, sunken-in spot in the couch with food, it turned into a mindless bingefest. Sitting at a table or kitchen bar with a plate and silverware made me more mindful and present when I ate, which in turn helped me to listen to my satiety cues and stop eating when I was full. Lost over 100 pounds in a little over a year."


Cut back on foods with added sugar.

"I got rid of added/extra sugar during Lent one year. This meant no desserts, no soda, no syrup, etc. Fresh fruit was OK and I used yogurt with the least amount of sugar to satisfy my sweet tooth. In 40 days, with minimal exercise outside of gym class in high school, I lost 20 pounds."

—Daniel P. Murphy, Facebook

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2. For an honest account of what goes into losing 85 pounds.

Arielle Calderon

In this post, BuzzFeed Editor Arielle Calderon shares some amazing tips she’s learned from her own weight loss journey, such as: Try putting an end to restrictive calorie-counting habits and focus on living a healthy lifestyle; start eating a legit breakfast instead of just a piece of fruit; and if the gym just isn’t your thing, skip it at first and just opt for walking instead.

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3. For understanding what fitness and diet habits could be holding you back from seeing progress.

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Like understanding that you may be eating way more calories than you’ve burned, making sure you’re eating the right amount of protein, and getting started with heavier lifting.

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4. For important info on the safe and healthy way to cut calories for weight loss.

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Like making sure you’re never eating less than 1,000–1,200 calories per day, and that you’re not just cutting any calories, but cutting calories from highly processed foods.

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5. For the key tips that people who lost 40+ pounds swear by.

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Like these honest words:

Think about seeing a mental health professional who can help you work through any issues with food, your weight, etc.

"Though I didn’t know it at the time, a lot of my weight gain could be attributed to my struggle with major depression and my need to self-medicate with food. I rarely exercised and used to sneak out late at night for fast-food binges. At the recommendation of a friend, I began speaking to a therapist to not only work out the issues regarding my physical health, but to heal in all aspects of my life…

"It was in therapy that I learned I use food as a crutch to escape from the present, so I worked to channel that energy elsewhere. Since the beginning of my journey, I now run three to four times per week and am conscious to not rely on food to escape from my personal issues."

—Arya Roshanian, 25 (lost 125 pounds over five years)

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6. For expert tips on how to actually lose body fat.

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Like whatever you do, DO NOT eat a low-fat diet. But maybe start eating fewer simple carbs and doing some high-intensity cardio workouts.

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7. For surprisingly simple habit changes that you can start creating today.

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Like these words that make so much sense:

Stop weighing yourself so much.

"In the first few months, I would constantly check my weight every few days to see if there were any significant changes. My mood would depend on these numbers on the scale. When my mom voiced her concerns about this obsessive checking … she told me that I can tell changes in my body without having to see the numbers. Mom was right. I saw that I have more endurance and my body was getting more toned."

—Chris R.

Learn the difference between hunger and cravings.
"Hunger means it’s time to fuel the body. Cravings are what you want to fuel the body. When starting a new regimen, people will often cut down on portion size. The problem is they forget to snack and drink water between meals. This leaves them with stomach grumbles that will often sound like ‘Five Guys burgers’ or ‘Chipotle burrito.’ Learning the difference between hunger and craving was a lightbulb moment. It really set me on the right path."


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8. For figuring out exactly what is holding you back from seeing the progress you’re looking for.


Like maybe you’re actually not eating enough food, or you’re not eating enough of the right foods. Or maybe you’re scrolling through Instagram and watching TV during meals, which can lead to overeating.

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9. For all the wisdom you’ll want to have before you start trying to lose weight.

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Like these crucial statements you should always keep in mind:

Your weight loss journey might be unpredictable and that’s OK.

"Weight loss isn’t linear. Sometimes you won’t lose anything. Sometimes you’ll lose a ton. How much you lose and how fast you lose it isn’t the most important thing. It should be about loving yourself, not hating yourself. You should focus on FEELING better rather than meeting a certain number. You are more than a number."

—Tristen van den Berg, Facebook

Consistency is the best "diet."

"There are tons and tons and tons of different diets … and it really doesn’t matter which one you choose as long as it’s one you can stick with. Make your health and fitness regimen work for your current lifestyle instead of just trying to completely overhaul it, and you will see lasting results."

—Oli Blomquist, Facebook

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10. For how to eat less sugar without hating your life.


Like start allowing yourself to eat a reasonable amount of the things you love, but learn to savor the hell out of them. You also want to be wary of "healthier versions" of things and artificial sweeteners because they may not always be the better choice.

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11. For refreshingly doable advice from people who have been there.

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Like these small steps that helped real people achieve big changes:

Have a hearty breakfast, a medium-size lunch, and a light dinner.

"Healthy snacks in between, one small treat a day, and water!"


Each month, focus on two of the following: diet, exercise, and alcohol.

"Whatever I’m not focused on, I use as a reward for my hard work. It helps change things up but still stay comfortable. So, one month I work out every day and cut out alcohol, but I’ll allow myself to splurge a little in the food department. The next month it’s all clean eats and no alcohol, but I’ll give myself a few more rest days and maybe have some easier workouts. Then I’ll do clean eats and work out every day, but go out more or have a girls’ night in."


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12. For amazing tips that actually helped people lose 50 pounds or more.

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Like this wisdom:

Curb your fast-food habit and learn to cook.

"I stopped eating pizza and fast food every week and started cooking for myself. I had been eating fast food three to four times a week, and pizza about two to three times a week. It was so easily available and cheap. I was lazy and didn’t really know how to cook. I thought food that was cooked at home was most likely going to taste awful.

"It was super empowering to know that I created a dish. I started to play around with plating and discovering how creative I could be. Not only that, but that I wasn’t a shabby cook! At least, my wife says I’m not."

—Rogelio Orozco, 26 (lost 60 pounds in a year)

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13. For advice from registered dietitians, nutritionists, and personal trainers on what to do (and not do) when trying to lose weight.

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Like these simple tips you can start doing today:

Whatever you do, don’t do a detox or cleanse.

"They can potentially wreak havoc on your body and be very unhealthy. Be wary of products that promote weight loss after a ‘7-day detoxification’ or a ’30-day colon cleanse.’ Marketers strategically construct these products and sell people on the notion that they’ll somehow become healthier, thinner, happier, and more attractive after using such products. My overarching mantra: A consistently healthy, well-balanced diet is the best ‘cleanse.’"

—Nita Sharda, RD, owner of Carrots and Cake Balanced Nutrition Consulting

Try not to make all your work breaks snack-based.

"Lots of people like to take a break from work by getting up to grab a snack, not necessarily because they feel hungry but just because they need to step away from their desk for a bit. Instead of eating when you’re not hungry, get up, have some water, and say hello to a coworker on the way back. You’ll de-stress and forget about the snack you didn’t really want in the first place."

—Albert Matheny, MS, RD, CSCSC co-founder of SoHo Strength Lab and advisor to Promix Nutrition.

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14. For learning what macronutrients are and what foods you should be eating after specific workouts.

Learn more about how protein, carbs, and fat not only affect your workouts but also affect the results that you’ll see from your workouts, and how much of each you should be eating depending on what your goals are.

Check out 5 Tips On How To Eat For Better Workout Results for more.

15. For when you’re looking for realistic goals you can set to hold yourself accountable.

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Like setting short-term, realistic, and achievable goals to keep you positive, understanding that you will bounce back from eating-habit slipups, and that it’s more beneficial to focus on how you feel as opposed to the number you see on the scale when determining success. Read more here.

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16. For better understanding what carbohydrates are and how to adjust your diet to help you lose weight.

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Like if you’re interested in weight management, try to plan on eating most of your carbs earlier in the day and focus on making them complex carbs as to opposed to simple carbs. Also if you exercise, schedule your carbs around your workouts for optimal energy usage.

Check out 13 Things You Should Know Before You Decide To Limit Your Carbs for more.

17. For all the things that people never tell you about achieving extreme weight loss.

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Like just because you’ve reached most of your goals doesn’t mean you no longer need some of the structures that got you there in the first place. Be patient and kind to your body because progress takes time, and if you stick with healthy eating, you may actually start craving fresh produce and whole foods, which is an amazing feeling.

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18. For small ways you can change your eating habits that are totally doable.

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Like adding frozen veggies to all the meals you cook, trying to make your plate one-quarter complex carbs, one-quarter protein, and one-half veggies at all times, and trying to drink your coffee black or with sweeteners like Stevia or unsweetened almond milk.

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19. For awesome little ways you can adjust your eating habits without doing a drastic diet.

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Instead of throwing yourself into a diet as strict as Whole 30 completely cold turkey, try to do things like eat a higher fat diet, learn how to cook vegetables and make them taste a lot better, or keep a food log for a week to help you better understand your eating habits.

Check out 17 Simple Tips For Eating Healthier Without Changing Your Whole Damn Life for more.

20. For better understanding how important protein is for weight loss and how you can fit more of it into your diet.

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Like that protein has the ability to keep you full for a long time (which is awesome); the more active you are, the more protein you tend to need; and when it comes to protein powders, you want to choose one that’s high in protein and low in all the random additive crap.

Check out 14 Things You Actually Need To Know About Protein for more.

21. For nutritionist-given advice on how to keep post-workout hunger from wreaking havoc on your results.


Like slowing down while you eat so that you give your body a chance to feel full, not waiting until you’re incredibly hungry to get food in your system, and eating the majority of the protein on your plate FIRST, before reaching for the carbs and the fat.

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