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ketogenic lifestyle

Have you always wondered how you can maintain the Keto diet, but also stay on budget?

You’re in luck! Thousands of people are on the Keto diet, but they are also on a budget.

Check out these tips on how to maintain your ketogenic lifestyle, while keeping money in your wallet.


ketogenic lifestyle

Meal Prep for Weight Loss on a Budget

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Sure, there are a lot of great recipes floating around, but you only need to stick to the basics.

The more fancy ingredients you buy for your diet, the more expensive things are going to be.

One of the best ways to maintain the Keto diet on a budget is to stick to simple ingredients.

Along with keeping to the basics, it makes sense to shop at a store you’re familiar with.

If you shop stores that you don’t know very well, you’re more likely to buy things that may be Keto friendly, but actually don’t fit in your budget.

By keeping it simple you will be able to take advantage of buying more items in bulk such as your meats and seasonal produce.


ketogenic lifestyle

A lot of people bust their budget when living a ketogenic lifestyle diet because they don’t have meals planned. Not only does this bust their budget, but it also hurts their eating habits.

If you are spending a ton of money on keto foods it’s likely that you are eating too many processed products.

This is counter productive to your ultimate goal of improved health.

Sorry, but it’s time to plan and cook for yourself. That includes snacks.

Don’t get me wrong, the occasional packaged keto bar is handy to have for those times when you’re on the run, but that shouldn’t be the main staple.

And even with all that said, some packaged keto snacks are obviously more healthy than others and the less processing the better in most cases.

It can also be expensive to go through a drive through and order “healthy foods.”

Salads can cost close to $8-$12 each. Trust me, I was a habitual salads with meat and cheese buyer and let me tell you I can make my own much cheaper.

You can easily throw on any toppings you like such as eggs, cheese, turkey or salmon, and even vary the low carb greens you use to keep it interesting.

Meal planning is really the way to go when it comes to staying on budget.


  • decide what you will eat for lunch and dinner the next 3 days or more (write it down somewhere)
  • make a list of grocery items you need to make each meal or recipe
  • hit the store and make sure you have it all ready to go
  • open and wash/chop/separate all your ingredients so you literally just have to put them together and cook when you get home from work
  • some things like garlic, onion, and avocado are best left to chop at mealtime though but carrots, broccoli, etc are fine to chop ahead.
  • finally make sure you also see our more comprehensive post on healthy meal prep for weight loss for more motivational and money saving tips and tricks.


ketogenic lifestyle

Want to keep the Keto diet simple and stay on budget? Eating meat and veggies is the way to go! You can get meat and vegetables on sale or marked down.

Of course eating seasonally is one of the best things you can do for your health and guess what?

These are usually the produce items which are likely to be the best prices since they are so plentiful when in season.

Try joining a market coop or even hit Costco or Sam’s Club for frozen produce-which keeps most of its nutrient value anyway and is often cheaper than fresh.

Buying your organic meats at wholesale clubs is also a big money saver.

You will just need to be on the look out for special deals and then split it all up and freeze in manageable portions.

This is a LOT cheaper than going to the store for a pound of meat each time you want to cook.

Plus, this is a great way to get your “good food in.” Knowing you’re eating what you can afford is always a good thing.

You’re keeping it simple and staying on budget.


There are a lot of items that are Keto friendly, but aren’t always budget friendly.

The Keto drinks, flour, and foods all sound great, but they can really make your budget vanish in a minute.

Skip the fluff and stick to what you know! A frankenfood Keto item is okay once in a while, but try to avoid the highly processed foods as we mentioned previously.

If you do want to make a favorite bread recipe perhaps, you can at least go as economical as possible and buy online and in bulk to save money.

You can get some great deals on amazon for things like almond and coconut flour.

Or, check out our post “Where to Shop for Deals on Keto, Organic, and Gluten Free Foods” for more tips.


ketogenic lifestyle

Although some diet drinks and coffee are okay on the Keto diet, those items can get expensive. One item you can count on to be inexpensive, on the Keto diet, is water.

Water is one of the best things you can give your body. It can really help curb cravings and literally helps flush out toxins and that will help you burn unwanted fat.

Basically, water can help curb cravings because sometimes we crave food when we are actually thirsty.

This way your calorie consumption will likely decrease as you literally fill up with more frequent water intake.

Plus, it’s inexpensive! Drink up (within reason of course, you can over-do anything-even water) and smile knowing you’re staying on budget.

Check out this quick little video that helps illustrate the point.


ketogenic lifestyle

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(so use it to your advantage in your ketogenic lifestyle on a budget)

I recently watched a video of some doctor explaining how water does not help you lose weight and since it was contradictory to what I was always told, I listened further.

Basically his point was not truly against water itself (as of course we need it to survive).

Rather, it was to emphasize that drinking water is not the only factor and may not be as critical to weight loss as we once thought.

He was using water and his unexpected statement that drinking it does not lead to weight loss.

Instead, he highlighted the importance of something else.

That something else is deep breathing to oxygenate your body. This in turn helps you lose fat.

If this intrigues you simply google it and you will see several articles about it.

We already know that exercise gets you breathing more deeply and efficiently, and burns calories, which leads to weight loss.

Well, it just makes sense doesn’t it?


I thought this would be a good place to share our extra weight loss tips again since they are universal tips that, when followed, truly do help you meet your goals.


  • Listen to your cravings-what do your cravings really mean? If you crave chocolate, it could be that you need a rest or some magnesium rich foods. When you crave something sweet do you just need a hug? The point is to be aware and be sure to meet your nutritional needs with healthy vegetables, fats, and proteins to minimize cravings that are actually based from nutrient deficiency.
  • Eat mindfully-we know by now we are not supposed to work or watch TV when we eat, but did you know that to eat mindfully, you should be aware of the texture of the food; the smell, how it looks, and definitely relax while you eat it? Also, make sure you chew enough to break down the food and get those critical enzymes for digestion started.
  • Eat organic as much as possible-toxins like to hide out in fat, just saying.
  • Enjoy seasonal foods in reasonable amounts-seasonal eating is very important for so many reasons. Take a look here for the reasons why.
  • Of course, we can not forget about the importance of exercise-here’s a post on our site about fat burning exercise.
  • Drink your water to stay well hydrated.
  • Another thing to note is that just because something is labeled gluten free or organic does not automatically make it a health or weight loss food. One needs to consider the carb content, calories, and sugars.


Maintaining your Ketogenic lifestyle on a budget just got a whole lot easier.

We always learn from each other on this journey. So, what tips would you add to this list?

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