Holy Week Observance at Slimsnacks Online Meal Delivery Service

Holy Week Observance at Slimsnacks Online Meal Delivery Service

Holy Week (“Mahal na Araw” in Tagalog; “Semana Santa” in Spanish; are both terms used widely) as an important religious observance by Catholics in the Philippines.

Catholics make up 80 percent of the population in one of Asia's only predominantly Christian nations, and the Church is one of the country's most strong sociopolitical powers.

It kicks off on Palm Sunday and lasts until Easter Sunday. This year it is celebrated between April 11 to 16.

Many cultures perform Catholic practices inspired by Spanish cultures, such as processions, which have been combined with pre-colonial values. This is apparent in certain non-Catholic religious rituals as well as the many superstitions associated with the day.

The days leading to Easter Sunday (from Maundy Thursday to Black Saturday) are observed as a statutory holiday and it is to be noted that Catholic filipinos observe fasting from Wednesday to Friday. And consuming of meat from Thursday to Friday is more or less prohibited.

In light of this Lenten celebration, we at Slimsnacks would like to respect our Catholic Filipino subscribers and created our meals thoughtfully to allow our subscribers to fast but then still eat the required nutrients they need to be productive daily.

Check out our Lenten week special meal plans :

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