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Low-Carb Low-Sugar Fruit Cream Pies

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Macro Counted

We have over 350 meal items and recipes, all battle tested with complete macro count.

Shipping & Delivery

We deliver to your door or you can pick it up from our main store.

Low Carb Low Sugar Keto or Gluten Free

We have created our products to have a wide variety of options. You can choose from Low Carb Low Sugar, Keto and Gluten-Free. We have our certifications yearly!

At Slimsnacks, we only use the best Our pastry chef, Maida Barrientos, is a certified Ketogenic Health Coach recognized by US CPD/CEU orgs. At Slimsnacks, we only use the finest, quality ingredients that are keto certified, sourced both locally and globally.

keto certification


keto certified

Always Fresh, No preservatives

All our products are made and baked fresh low in sodium and sugar with no added preservatives.

This is not your average pie. This is the sexiest pie you'll ever taste and always ready to impress even the most discerning of tastes!

Imagine digging in 1 full cup of light jam, cream custard and our buttery light coco-almond pie crust. This is low glycemic, high in Vitamin C, calcium and protein! <drool><clap>

To pre-order :

Please give at least 24 hours before ordering our pies.




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